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Five ways to tear away from competitors for sure

There are millions of brands in the world now. Everyone wants to sell something. How many of them do you remember?


World is changing fast, and we must change with it, otherwise we will drop out. Team3 crew is decided to tell you his thoughts about marketing in digital era.

Realistic picture of buyer

It is not a secret that it is harder and harder to win hearts of consumers. Attention of contemporary man is unsteady, and brain is not noticing offensive advertising anymore.

What to do? You must to research target audience. Be like Sherlock Holms. Clarify how your clients are living and what is urgent to them. After that find out how your product solves their problems.

Be leader

Since much no authoritative information is out there, people often do not know whom to trust. Your brand must become authority for the buyers, like a leader who guides them with confidence.

Common values

Let's compare two fruit shopkeepers. One treats kids with pastil while mothers are choosing bananas, and tell them how his son likes his football group. The other one stinks of tobacco and feels nervous if kids are playing in his shop.

Question: which one will choose target audience – the mothers?

It is very important to make brand with the same values as the target audience. Do not forget to express those values and to hold on to them.

Make emotions

Usual example is Coca-Cola and other big brands.

Emotions help to convey information to your buyer's brains. Usually New Year and other holidays are used for that.

Be different

All apple pies are natural and have good nutrition value. All vacuum cleaners are powerful and quiet. How to choose? Buyers start to think and seek differences between brands.

Find new niche, make new product.
Make limited collection.
Choose your color and connect yourself with it.
Design marvelous web site where consumer will find answers to all his questions and objections.
Make the buying process easy. Amaze with your service.

Good news at the end! ????

People do not like to make decisions. They have much more interesting things to do. Show them your difference and make it easy for them to choose, and they are yours for 89%.

Business can stay unique forever. The main thing is to make step forward every day.