We offer


We develop mobile phone applications for iOS and Android.

The offer includes:

  •   Android or iOS prototype development on Adobe XD

  •   Programming

  •   Design

The price is determined according to a detailed functional and non-functional description of the application. We develop applications starting from 1500EUR - in this price category there are simpler types of applications that do not include data storage and processing outside the phone, such as sudoku type applications or simple memory games.


For companies engaged in product sales, we offer product image design and preparation for marketing purposes. We offer to add an unlimited number of languages ​​and different currencies, as well as an unlimited number of products and groups.

We connect payment and delivery systems to e-commerce pages, we can connect them with accounting programs.  

We will provide convenient page management without a certain monthly fee.

We develop websites of different levels of complexity and offer design variations.

We advise on the basics of SEO without a wallet

The basic price of website development includes:

  • Template

  • Unlimited number of languages

  • One currency

  • CMS and user manual

  • SEO consulting

Business card website

A business card type website is one of the easiest websites to create. It is an important part of your business because it reflects what you do.

We offer:

  • Develop a complete design (mobile and desktop view)

  • Create a new logo or enhance an existing one

  • Use website management systems for programming, where you can easily change texts and pictures, as well as add sections.

  • Optimize website programming code for Google search tools.



When designing a logo, we take into account the specifics of your company, wishes, target audience and modern issues in the design, because this is the way you present your company.

We offer to develop 2-3 logo variants and visualize them in the presentation, so that it is easier for you to imagine it in the operation of the company.

Website design

We offer

  • Create a visual image of the website with a modern design created by our artists (programming not included). We transfer the developed files in XD (Adobe) format.

  • Program the website according to the wishes of your designer

Company branding

Every company needs a corporate identity that will make it stand out among the industry.

The offer includes:

  • 2-3 logo variants

  • 2-3 logo corrections according to customer's instructions

  • Brief description of logo development and design justification

  • Logo visualization

  • Brandbook