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Design of web site. Everything a customer must know. Part 1

We will tell you how web site is designed.

Why? Because you as customer can easy know the process and understand what is being done in given period of time. Of course there are no strict rules how to do this, but we will explain most important things that make a web page.

10 most important stages of web page design

1. Target audience

Design of a web site starts from target audience research. You must study what kind of people will visit your page. It will be clear from the acquired data how to adapt the page to the needs of visitors, how to solve their doubts and fears, how to show the good side of your products and services and their ability to solve visitor's problems.

Big part of research is analysis of competitors. You must analyze their web pages, take all the best and learn from their mistakes.

2. Strategy

To make web site really useful it is necessary to know its goal. Designers must know why do you need the site you want to create and what do you want to get with help of it.

For an idea we list some possible web page goals:

- Attraction of customers;
- Sales (e-commerce);
- Presentation of goods or services;
- Gathering contacts of potential customers;
- Increasing popularity and identification of brand;
- Presentation of company.

3. Technical assignment

First two design stages are necessary to make correct technical assignment. It is a document, where clearly all technical moments are put in about the web site that is being built. Of course it must contain all your desires about look and content of web page.

What features the technical assignment must possess:

- It must be precise. It must not contain fair metaphors and tricky statements, for example, "a little more nicer here". Technical assignment must contain only exact instructions.
- It must be worked out to the details. It must contain self-evident things too. Its because web designer understands what is asked from him to do.
- It must be understandable. All developers and you also must understand it.
- It is very good when technical assignment contains web page prototype with placement of elements and navigation.

We have discussed research of web page target audience, analysis of competitors, goals of web page and company's strategy, and preparing of technical assignment. In next part of this article we will discuss next stages of web site building. We hope this article is useful to you.

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