Online shopping is gaining predominance over retail business in 21th century. E-commerce is now a fast growing industry.

A small concern. What is e-commerce?

Simply speaking e-commerce is area of economics where advertisements, promotion, trade and business are done only in the internet. If we by or sell something in the internet, it is called e-commerce.

From businessmen's, producer's and supplier's point of view e-commerce is promotion themselves and offering articles and services using the internet. Buyers are searching, choosing, comparing and ordering.

Here are some examples of nowadays popular e-commerce:

1. Retail and wholesale trade. They are the main directions of e-commerce.

2. Dropshipping. This is a way of selling when supplier delivers goods right to customers, whereas seller runs online store and attracts clients.

3. Crowdfunding. It is gathering of funds to make starting capital to enter your products into the market.

4. Tangible and intangible products. For example, computers are tangible products, but software is digital product.

5. Services. They are all the possible services you can offer to your potential customers.

6. Online payments. They are services for paying in the internet, for example, for paying bills, penalties etc.

Online selling is developing rapidly. 20 years ago mobile phones were used only for calling, Google – only for searching, Facebook – only for meeting friends, eBay – only for selling old things, Amazon – only for buying books. But these all did change buying habits. Therefore, if brand or seller want to withstand and prosper, he must to master e-commerce.