Future of e-commerce

Will the market of e-commerce grow? Yes! According to studies, 95% of purchases will be made in the internet in 2040.

It has to mention some electronic business trends in 2022.


It will be actively developed in struggle for clients. Personal approach encouraged almost half (48%) buyers to spend more. Artificial intellect can analyze purchases and what clients prefer, and can give suitable suggestions.

Marketplaces will get more popular

Many buyers prefer to buy everything they need in one place.

Satisfaction will be an important factor of competition

Buyers expect fast, good and cheap delivery, therefore one must think how to get warehouses near to the customers and offer flexible ways for delivery and return. Most often people abandon purchases because of additional delivery cost.

Voice commerce can get nearer to the buyer

Smart devices come into consumer's lives little by little and make buying easier. Voice commerce is using voice commands to find goods and buy them in the internet. Talking assistants help clients to go over contents of online store, ask questions, find out rankings of products, availability and prices and order them. Voice commerce is the next step to improve buyer's interaction with the online store.

Everything is changing in electronic trade all the time. Something unexpected happens every year, one gets new challenges which raise business in a new level or become a critical factor for the project.

If you bear in mind the change in buyer's behavior and development of technology, then you can:
    • quickly adapt to changes,
    • foresee wants of clients,
    • dominate over competitors.