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Design of web site. Everything a customer must know. Part 2

We continue telling you how web site is designed. We have discussed research of web page target audience, analysis of competitors, goals of web page and company's strategy, and preparing of technical assignment in part one. The most interesting is coming next.

4. Preparing of design layout

In this step designer creates layout, which clearly shows what qualities the page will have:

- colors;
- shapes;
- fonts;
- animation.

5. Adaptive layout

Designer sends the layout to the customer for review. After that developing of adaptive layout begins.

6. Programming

In this step site comes to life – you can click to the buttons and links, and it works.

7. Entering of information

Of course, site must contain information. Copywriter must get ready all the necessary materials to this moment.

8. Testing

When site is ready, it must be tested to be sure everything works correctly. During the testing broken links, incorrect layout or faulty elements can be found.

After testing site is moved to the hosting and tested again.

9. Technical support

Every site must have technical support, because it is like live organism, in which something may go wrong all the time. Specialist of customer's company, who will work with the web page, must know how to put in new information, correct existing, create new pages, add items, collect data about traffic, analyze it and use all other functions of the site.

What next?

Even the best web page will not attract clients with only its existence. Site must be popularized. People must get to know, that company has web page, in which people can solve certain problems and satisfy necessities.

Questions about popularization can be solved with help of web page developer – they can help with it.