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Secret of successful e-commerce business. Part 1

First story

It was year 1975. There was no e-commerce at all. Winter was coming, and one man in black hat did come to tire changing shop to buy winter tires. After few weeks he discovered a defect and decided to return these tires.

But there was no tire shop anymore. The man did not believe his eyes and pinched his arm. Nothing changed. In place of tire shop was a store "Nordstrom", which did sell footwear, modern clothes and items for home. Our hero in black hut was not timid he did go in, did find the seller and did explain the situation to him.

The seller was of unusual character, he did receive the tires and... returned the money.

It is not known how his action affected his salary, but the shop did get more profit. After half a century, when e-commerce has captured the market, poeple are telling this story, and, if one is searching for "Nordstrom tires", then around 3 million results are found. Action of the seller seems reasonable now and exactly matches to methodology of the company, which had only one condition: "Use your common sense in every situation."

This story is more an exception than rule. Let's read the another one.

Second story. When there was e-commerce already

International network of hotels "The Ritz-Carlton" did allow their workers to spend op to two thousand dollars to solve any guest's problems without unnecessary questions.

One time mister D forgot his charging device in the hotel. He found the loss only next day on the way. He was in rage and wanted to call the hotel, but was disturbed by a knock on the door. There was a postal carrier with an express parcel to the mister D. It was a small package with a note: "Mister D, I want to be sure you did get your parcel. I am sure you need this, and in any case I send you another charger for your laptop."

Therefore mister D offered a possibility for personnel of the hotel to act operatively and be client-oriented.

Please read the next part of this article about this principle. Search for similar title. Secret formula ir secret because it is given only to the most attentive.