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Secret of successful e-commerce business. Part 2

Let's begin to discover the secret of successful e-commerce business. You can apply the first secret to any commerce.

Let's talk about client-oriented business.

Client-oriented business is a strategy to fulfill client's needs. Do you want to make long-term relationships with the client? Do you want to raise loyalty, count of customers, average sum of purchase and repeated purchases? Then continue to read.

If company is listening to and fulfills the desires of client, then he comes back and recommends your company to others.

It is important to understand five principles of fulfillment of clients needs to introduce this strategy.

1. Empathy and deep understanding of client's world

Companies are usually losing clients because employees just do not understand them. One must learn to look to the world and one's company from the customer's point of view.

2. Personnel's freedom in work with clients

First class service means not to make decisions slowly. One must put away obstacles that keep employees from taking initiative. Remember the second story in part one?

3. Care and desire to help

The task of business is to make client's life easier and nicer, therefore employees must take client's problems as challenges not as burden.

4. Attentive and individual approach

80% of clients buy and return again, if company takes personal approach.

5. Doing more than promised

This is a certain way how to stand out from competitors.

The happier is client in every step interacting with company, the better is the care about him. There are unique touch points with the client in every e-commerce business, but there are five main points.

Company's values

    • They must resonate with target audience's values.


    • It is easy to use.

    • Purchases can be made with one click.

    • It has questions and answers section.

    • Contacts are easy to find.


    • Product matches user's wants.

    • It is made according research of potential clients needs and desires.

    • Used materials are safe and ecological.


    • Client is contacted very soon.

    • Employees can be contacted in several different ways.

    • Consultants speak in the client's language.


    • Delivery is fast.

    • If delivery is delayed, clients get bonuses.

    • Movement of parcels can be traces in real time.

Listen what clients are telling. Know the clients. Be friends with users of your product. Take care about them. If you do, then your collaboration will be long.