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Simple methods to make web page load fast

When clicking on link, we are expecting... What? Immediate loading, of course. We are tapping out impatiently it web page is loading slow. This resource is going down fast in our personal rating.

We do not want though that our company's web page is annoys our visitors with slow loading? One time specialists, whom this problem was not indifferent, did polls and analyses and got results:

    • More than 80% users of mobile internet do not wait more than 5 seconds for web page to load. Their priority is comfortable surfing using any device.

    • People are waiting no more than 2 seconds in general.

    • If web page is loading 3 seconds and more, half of visitors are leaving it.

What to do to avoid such sad consequences?

1. One must check the speed of his web page.

You can use these instruments to check online the speed of your web site:

    • Яндекс метрика;
    • Google Analytics;
    • Google PageSpeed.

2. One can use plugins

Many popular engines allow using special extensions which automate operation of web resource. This way visitors are getting a possibility to surf the net fast.

3. One can use content delivery

What is it? There are server networks around the globe, which deliver files of sites to the computer of visitor. This way visitor in other side of globe can load your web page as fast as your neighbor. The content is copied to server near the visitor and is delivered to him from that server.

4. One can optimize images and photographs

You can compress big images, because they let your page to load slowly. You can also change image format. Images are getting "lighter", and loading speed of your web page is rises ten times.

5. One can use three proven methods

Use of them needs knowledge and experience (do not worry; it will be done by specialists who are building web pages).

    • Configuring of browsers cache;
    • Taking off JavaScript code from the beginning of web page and putting it towards the end (</body>);
    • Setting delayed or asynchronous loading of JavaScript in CSS.

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