Types of e-commerce

E-commerce is a sphere of economics, where advertising, propagation, business deals are done only in the internet. Therefore if you are selling in the net, then it is e-commerce.

There are six main types of e-commerce. They differ on involved parties, and they are legal entities, individuals and government.

Let's explain these types in simple words.


B2B is e-commerce for business. Example is collaboration of Sony and Apple. Sony manufactures camera modules for iPhone and sells them to Apple. One company offers his services or products to another and not to individuals.


B2C is e-commerce for customers. This is the main type of electronic commerce. Company offers products and services to people. For example, Sony sells PlayStation accessories to boys and girls and their parents.


C2C is deals between individual persons. One person sells products to another person and do not produce them. For example ss.lv. People can sell almost everything, find buyers and sell. Manufacturer is not involved in this process.


C2B is e-commerce between individual and business. In this case individual offers something to industry. For example, a women knits caps and sells them to online store and not to individuals.


B2A is business administration. It is electronic commerce with online transactions between companies and government institutions. For example, tenders fall into this category.


C2A is e-commerce between individual and government. Transactions between people and government institutions fall into this category. For example, registration to a physician, paying for medical services, online education, etc.

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Which type of e-commerce is your business?