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Broken window theory and graphical design

New York was a dirty and dangerous metropolis in seventies and eighties. People were robbed in broad daylight. It was a great folly to go out in the night.

Subway was dirty, there were vulgar paintings and writings on cars, garbage and broken bottles was everywhere, there were many drunkards and beggars, gangsters did take away money and valuable things from passengers in public transport, there were streetwalkers gathering in Timesquare.

Broken window theory helped to turn this metropolis to the happiest and safest city in the USA in a few years.

It is impressive, isn't it?

This theory has proven itself as a very effective one, therefore it became well-known. In time this conception was used in business.

In the broken window theory it is said that disorder makes people to make it dirtier, to drive on the red light, because everyone does it, to break even more what someone has broken before etc. Small violations like these are calling chain reaction and even bigger violation. If people are not punished for small violations, it is a signal to make bigger offences.

How broken window theory influences ones business? What is the relation with graphic design?

Broken windows in business are dirt and disorder in the office, unkind employees, bad menu, dusty bar and peeled paint. That kind of small matter makes impression on customers and partners.

It is the same when one cannot return unprinted goods to the shop or a manager seems not to notice when an employee comes late or is dressed improperly or when a logotyoe is designed carelessly.

Details are important both in government and individual level. You will agree that tidiness makes more order, but disorder attracts even bigger disorder.

Broken window theory is diverse. Use it in all spheres of your life, put your business in order, make your communication better, develop the culture of relationship.