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Web sites or applications? Why you must know the difference

Difference is insignificant for usual user, but if you want to use internet resource for your business then it is reasonable to spend 2.5 minutes and find out.

Web site

They are web pages united in one resource. They are written in HTML programming language. They are suitable for presentation of content. Visitors of the site find text, music and pictures there, but cannot put there their own information. They can only fill out a form to get notifications.

➡️   There are web sites for cooking, news, education. They are used as blogs or as tool for cooperation inside associations.

Web applications

You can see the difference straight away.

➡️ Examples are Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Amazon, Ebay and YouTube.

Therefore web application is a program.

Three facts about web applications.

- Users are authenticating using user name and password. They are sending messages to each other and are creating content on the basis of application. They also are using miniprograms for entertainment.

- Users are entering contacts and credit card information. Therefore developers are responsible for protection of private data.

- Informative content is not obligatory in web applications. Application may convert files or translate text.

➡️ Therefore web sites are source of information, whereas web applications are tools.

Choice between them depends on your business needs. If a presence in the web is necessary, owners of companies usually are delegating such a decision making to programmers.

We hope this article is useful to you.

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