Conference about security

Some time ago (article is made in 2019.) there were news posted in Latvian social networks that some Instagram accounts are break opened.
One gets an email with link to a fraud web page, and to open that page one must put in his password, and that's it – sender of the email gets your password. Usually we think that nothing like that will happen to us, but the reality is different.
Nowadays everyone must think about security in the internet. Manu "attacks" are automatic; they can affect all of us.
While thinking about security, we – programmers of Team3 – did go to Baltic IT security conference and exhibition, which was organized by Data Security Solutions. Conference took place in National library of Latvia in 6 parallel sessions, therefore we had to choose, what topics are we interested in. There was broad range of topics – beginning with "professional stalking" in social networks and ending with cybersecurity on ships and nuclear power plants. There were speakers from ministries of Latvia, local enterprises and international companies in the conference.
There were presentations about very actual subjects – GPDR, cryptochains in many spheres, and, of course, is the 5G dangerous to the health. Short answer: no.
More about conference can be read here:
In the breaks there was snacks, and one can see stands in the exhibition, shown technologies, take part in lotteries and, of course, to discuss with other visitors and representatives of different organizations.
Security is very important today, but unfortunately we think about that when it is too late. This is not only for big enterprises or powerful men. Everyone has received an email with offer to get millions of dollars from prince in Africa. One must treat more feasible offers with the same suspicion.
Thank you for your attention!