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E-commerce hacks: images boost conversion

In order for the sale to take place on the Internet, you must first attract a buyer to the store. Next – motivate to buy a product.

The brain processes visual information faster than textual information – and this has been proven! People buy with their eyes. Therefore, a good web page should show off the right image.

We have prepared for you a selection of ways to increase website conversion using images. Checked, they work!

A good product photo is part of the product description

It's just e-commerce marketing. It is important to make unique, non-standard, not boring, lively and high-quality product photos. Won't you salivate at the sight of a cheese-drenched, hot pizza?

Demonstrated benefit of the product or service

Visualize the benefit of your product. Like here. The picture shows a jacket that fits in a bag a little larger than an apple. Since the products posted on this site are intended for climbers, the calculation is correct – after all, every gram and every square centimeter in a hiking backpack counts!

Gaze control in e-commerce

Depending on where the face or gaze of the character in the photograph is turned, we are likely to turn our attention there too.

Sell ​​not the product, but the experience of the product

Look at the bliss of a girl relaxing in a massage chair after a long day at work. Maybe she is a choreographer? Or an office lady who sat at the table all day long?

Product in life

People like it. You never know how this attractive dress looks in real life? Ah, here it is in life, and even on a girl with a figure similar to mine. It looks exactly the same as on the white background in the catalog. I take it.


Beautiful photos help you sell. But only when properly applied.

Living people are affected by thousands and thousands of various factors. What exactly your target audience will like is a matter of testing.