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Top 10 dizzy graphic design trends in 2021-22. Part 1

Even Chinese boy can understand English grandfather with help of graphics. One takes in visual language much faster than something other. No wonder there is graphic design all around us.

Companies are informing or convincing audience using good graphic design – they are using various images, colors and shapes. It is a strong way to attract people's attention, no question about it. They are making people wondering with it and watch longer.

But there is a thing. The world of graphic design is changing all the time and one must keep pace with it. Some 2021 year's trends are going on in year 2022, and we will tell you about them.

Fasten your seatbelts  – the trip will be thrilling.

1. Geometric shapes

We are returning to basics, and why not. The simple geometric shapes are creating new meanings and soundings. In years 2021 and 2022 you can use geometric shapes of various colors and create meaningful pictures using triangles, circles and squares. You can merge shapes with photographs. They are creating complex design using geometric shapes today.

2. Rebirth of symbols

Strength of classic symbols is their possibility to express more than language can. With the help of symbols picture is getting understandable meaning. Sun and moon, signs of the zodiac, globe, all seeing eye, flowers.

Trend includes minimalism used in year 2021 allowing dense delivery of an idea.

3. Showy letters

In this case there are letters in the center of a composition as pictorial element – they are not only informative. It is not enough to write something and put in visible place. You must work with it no less than with central element of a composition, sometimes even more.

Impressive big letters are used since beginning of design. Big letters are used all the time.

4. Fonts with notches

There are fine and thick elements of classic fonts combined in them and they are returning in the design as stable trend.

Fonts with notches, as old as they are, are not only black signs on paper. They are creating nostalgia and radiate elegance from every word.

5. Ecology and organic design

Ecologic trends, care about environment and calm colors are the basis of organic design. There are natural green, earth-color, blue, peach and other colors combined in organic design. They associate with harmony, good emotions and visual esthetics.

One more wonderful piece of news: warm colors and natural textures are creating trust in subconscious mind.

We have listed only five web design trends in years 2021 and 2022. Let us continue this trip in second part of this article.

Stay with us!