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Top 10 dizzy graphic design trends in 2021-22. Part 2

We have discussed graphic design trends like geometric shapes, symbols, showy letters, fonts with notches and organic design in the first part of this article. If you are ready to continue the trip in the thrilling web design world, then make yourself comfortable, and we continue.

6. All-mighty 3D

3D images are wiping off boundaries between real and digital world. Realistic, spatial, three-dimensional objects with many layers increase interactivity of online store. Fonts, video and other 3D elements are looking untrivial, bring the design to life and attract attention.

Hyperrrealistic 3D is used more and more often. You see gentle pullover, plants or smoke instead of plain picture. You want to look at this more and more and check if it really is an image.

7. Bright and contrastive colors

Such colors are used to show how original and contemporary is the product. Now they are using colors combinations like pink, violet, lilac, garish green.

It is seen that bright colors influences young people above 25 very good. Older people do not like such combinations of colors.

8. Close exposure and detail

If one can see texture and tiny details in the picture, this brings product nearer to buyer allowing him to look closer and to start to want it.

This technique goes well together with 3D effect because picture gets spatial and product and it's parts are hanging in air.

9. Glitch and all the unusual, attractive, high-sounding

Glitches and distortions, sparkles and white noise, spills, gradients, graininess – all the contemporary, psychedelic, surrealistic and abstract now is at the top of popularity.

10. Simple and complex 2D illustrations

Simple vector graphic is not giving up this position yet. Schematic people are still drinking tea and looking to computer screens even in big brand's visual materials.

Complex 2D images are being evolved. Flat personas and simple geometric shapes are replaced with complex personages with interesting mimic, shadows and sophisticated use of colors. We see non-ideal people, where everyone has its own features and character. Such images are perceived very well. We recognize colleagues, friends, acquaintances and family members.

At the end it is to say that year 2021 has been difficult and unforeseen for online commerce, as well as for other spheres of life. Fortunately forecasts for 2022 are more optimistic in all fields including design.

That means we will find many ways to make our common projects unique and successful.

Team3 crew wishes excellent working week to you!