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How logos are changed during pandemic

New logo in one day? Things like that did happen when epidemic affected the entire planet and people started to use such concepts as self-isolation and social distance. Numerous global corporations decided to show that they are taking care about their clients in these hard times. They changed their logotypes to announce their care about people's health.

Coca-Cola, Audi and other companies, which are trusted by people, do not just sell. They make donations, develop global business projects, help to international organizations. Their opinions are listened.

Let's explore some companies which changed their logos.


The creator of huge Audi brand did not stand aside. Their trademark contains two letters: W and V, and they are separated now.


Coca-cola is a drink that is used to drink together with relatives and friends. That was the position of company before the virus. But this changed in one moment. An advertising stand showed up in New York that told: "Staying apart is the best way to stay united." In the center one can see a new logotype with separated letters.


Concern Audi has changed his logo and slogan too. Circles, that symbolize unity, are separated from each other. Slogan "Stay united" is turned into "Keep distance". Company showed that is not afraid to put society's problems higher then their business. That does them credit.


Company did not change signboards. The new logo showed up in social networks the next day. Golden arches, that make letter M were separated to show how important is to stay home.

Burger King

Fastfood network Burger King changed their slogan in pandemic time in which the main product of the company was advertised: the hamburger Whopper. Slogan "Home of the Whopper" was changed to "Stay home". They did not change the logotype, they only crossed out the writing, and this is incredible way to show paying attention to the problem. They did not just add a modern and already boring phrase, but they crossed out the slogan and said with that something more important.

Pandemic showed not only his terrible, but also the attractive side. People are helping to each other in hard times and global and local companies are taking part in their lives. They are distributing products, donating and linking up with competitors to help cope with global crisis.