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How to choose programmer to work with? Five advices to take into account

Indars Bruvelis, 05.02.2021

If you are searching for programmer to make a webpage or other project for first time, then it is important what partner you choose because this influences your project in a way of costs and time for sure.
We have prepared advices to take into account, if you start negotiations with programmers for first time.

Describe your project in detail

Describe your project in details as far it is possible. It it is an application then draw it as you like to see it, what functions must it perform. If it is a simple web page then put down all the sections (for example section about all your services, section about yourself, contacts). You must take into account that web page is like a help for people, who are searching information, therefore you must write in the page not only about your business but also put in something useful for the people. Find good web pages you like. Prepare a logo. If you do not have a logo, tell the programmer what logo you want. Put down what you like to see in your web page.

Prepare text

Text must be prepared either before project starts or programmers or web designers start to work. Do not put this to the last moment. While typing the text remember that the idea of whole web page must be united, the idea must penetrate the entire page. Information must be arranged too, for example, section "portfolio" must contain only portfolio, section "about us" must contain all the information you want to share about your company.

Find a SEO specialist

SEO part is necessary also. It does not concern the programmers, but start searching one who can help you to get this ready straight away. SEO is necessary because helps to attract new customers both local and international. If you make SEO for international clients, it has a little different concept. SEO specialist will tell you about that.

Choose at least five companies and ask them prices

You need to discuss with some companies, at least five. It may happen that two of them will not answer or answer without interest. Three companies will ask you additional questions and make offers. You will meet with dealers of two or three companies and can evaluate people working there.

Make agreement with terms and costs

After you have chosen collaboration partner, you need to make agreement of exact terms and all costs. It is preferable to make a simple contract and put in it tasks, terms, costs and situations when programmers fall behind the terms.
Of course there are many other things to keep in mind, but here a short key foundation is given how to start your first project.