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What to consider building a first webpage

Indars Bruvelis, 10.03.2021

There is much to take into account. Let's see the main aspects.

It is required to buy a domain name. This can be done in www.nic.lv if you want a .lv domain or, for example, www.hostinger.lv, where you can choose .com and other domains.

A server is necessary on which the webpage will be put on and which will receive e-mails.
There is very much to choose from, therefore it is better to ask webpage developers to do this. You must ask programmers, because web designers may not know how to do this. We use several servers. We advise to use www.hostinger.lv.

It is necessary to hire a web designer. What can you do without him? It is preferable for the designer to have experience. If not, no problem, the main thing is understanding the web page building process in general.

You must know what you want. You need to do a little homework and explore in the net what home pages you do like the most, with what colors, which web pages in your field are most successful, what type of page do you want, for example, blog, portfolio or e-commerce, and so on. You can see a lift of types of web pages here: www.themeforest.net. In the section "wordpress" you will find many types of webpage design.

It is necessary to hire a programmer also. Usually web designer has a programmer accessible. If not, then find a company which can program a webpage using guidelines made by web designer.

The almost main thing is... money! Before starting the job, you must clarify the costs of:
domain name,
work of web designer,
work of programmer.
Specify immediately changes of prices and boundaries of the changes.

Do you need to pay for maintenance of your web page? We would say not. Because there are many free systems, and it is enough for programmer to do the service one time a year for separate fee. Of course you must pay for server and domain all the time.

Remember about terms. They change a lot, therefore you need to set them straight with web designer and programmer.

We wish you success in creating your first web page!

Caring about code,
Team3.lv team