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Why is it necessary to care about clients? Things to keep in mind

Indars Bruvelis, 05.02.2021.

Imagine: you go shopping and there is a person who evidently is not concerned to help you and to serve you. What will you do? For sure you will remember this shop as a bad one.
There is only a small difference between serving in a shop and companies cooperating, for example, communication is digital and concern is much personal.

Main things I would like to take into account caring about a client.

Always answer to email. If you get an email from client and can not answer immediately, write thanks that you did get the email and will answer during the working day.
Dedicate more time to existing clients. On the whole existing clients are higher priority. You must dedicate much more time to regular clients than new ones.
Always keep your promises. Do what you have said. If it is not possible, explain the conditions in short to the client and ask a possibility to change your promises.
Do more. Always do more than clients are asking. This has a good effect to the clients, because they see your concern in cooperation not only in words but also in deeds.
Express gratitude. Always say thank you. Not only in words, but also in small gifts. They can be irregular.
Tell well about competitors. Never say anything bad about competitors. Do the contrary – investigate them and, if situation allows, you can say that their development is superb and up-to-date. (Maybe do not tell exact names.)
Take responsibility. Always be responsible about what you have done. Correct mistakes you have made and dissolve misunderstandings.
If you take care about your clients, they will stay with you and cooperate and bring new clients.