Slow loading speed

Hair-raising nightmare: your web page is loading very slowly. The loading lasts forever. Search engine ratings are dropping; visitors are disappointing and leave your page without any purchase.

Loading time is investigated often. We are quoting some results, for example, from Google.

"Slow loading speed is the most irritating factor between mobile users."
"If page load more than 3 seconds, 53% visitors are leaving it."
"Slow loading speed negatively influences Google search engine rating."
"If mobile page loading dropped from 1 to 10 seconds, refusal indicators raised 123%."

As you can understand, fast web page loading speed is not only predominance over competitors, but also good rating in search engines. Therefore designers of web pages will not stay without job.

Quote from SOASTA research: "Every second mobile page is delaying decreases conversion 20%."

It is time to start worrying, but let's look at it critically. According to SEARCH ENGINE LAND research the most popular and more frequently visited web pages do not comply with Google recommendations. Therefore we must conclude that loading of an interesting and useful resource will be awaited as long as necessary.

Refusal statistics consists from many factors: illogical structure of site, intrusive advertisement, which is hard to remove fast, etc. Users are seeking information they need. If they can not find it in the web page, then slow loading speed is the last straw.

Let's conclude. You must optimize your site, put in order your mobile version, and put good content in your site. Do it all, do not focus on one thing. COmfort of visitor is not only page loading speed.

If web page makes visitor to wait, if it has faults, then you must address them. crew can quickly help with this.