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Gaze and its direction in web design

What is the most important thing in website design? Maybe beauty? No, any expert will say. Usability. That is, the ease of use and accessibility of the interface.

Good web design should first of all help the site perform its tasks, and then look cool.

Suppose we have a task to develop a website on which a certain company offers its product to visitors. What is the strategy? It is necessary to let the visitor understand that he has a certain problem or need, and that same company will help the client. We will talk a little about the company, how it will help the visitor close his pains and offer cooperation using action buttons (CTI).

Now we need to develop a website where our user will look and read everything that he needs to read. And here is the good news.


You can control how users view a web page. Where will their eyes fall?

Studies have found that people follow the eye on the image. And that photographs of human faces attract attention, especially if the people depicted in them look directly into our eyes. In addition, to the delight of marketers, the artists discovered the secret. It turns out that you can draw attention to a certain area in the picture with the help of the gaze of the hero depicted in it. That is, when the user sees a face that is looking somewhere, he automatically directs his gaze to that place. Agree, I just want to transfer attention from the girl's face to Sunsilk shampoo.

Proper markup also plays a role. Feel how clear horizontal lines give a sense of calm and stability in the example below.

And how the diagonal placement of elements enhances the sense of movement and action in the following screenshot:

So, conclusion. People think about the same. They get in the way or like the same things. They browse the pages in the same way and see the same information on them. Users do not always read the text of the site, but it is in our power to make sure that with a cursory view they get the necessary information. Eyetracking to help us.

Let's work, friends. With a new look at sales and web design of developed websites.