VPN for dummies

VPN is a virtual private network, an invisibility cloak for internet surfers.

VPN allows you to connect to the global web, using not your IP address and location data, but substitute ones. It stands for Virtual Private Network.

Neither the provider, nor the system administrator, nor the access point administrator will know what sites you visit and what you generally do on the global web.

Pros of a VPN.

1. Complete privacy

Allows you to protect data from others. So that no one can find out information about you and intercept the data. It's a good idea to use this technology when you're banking online.

2. Prohibition of collection of information about you

Did you know that every website you visit on the Internet collects information about you? Search engines study what you search more often, browsers – what resources you visit more often. Providers, in principle, see almost everything. If you do not want someone to collect and study this data, then VPN will definitely come in handy for you.

3. When certain resources or content are blocked

So, for example, if a certain resource is blocked in a country, then you can get to it just using a VPN.

4. Safety of using public Wi-Fi

When you connect to a public network, you become an easy target for hackers, the device becomes vulnerable to attacks, and a firewall or antivirus can not always help. In such cases, VPN is simply an irreplaceable thing. Especially do not neglect the use of this technology when traveling.

We hope that this VPN educational program was fun and informative for you.

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