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Web design. Show your shopping basket

Experienced web designers can build dizzy beautiful and profitable internet sites for their customers. For an online store the shopping basket is very important.

Upon my designer's word: the design of shopping basket directly influences sales and income. You must turn your attention to it. Checkout page must be functional, easy to use, secure and beautiful. Like a careful sales manager it offers well made ways to pay, shipping, accompanies in every step and has an positive effect.

As you have realized, the shopping basket must be carefully thought-out. Let's dig in into web design and look on main things.


❖    Shopping basket must look like that. Icon must be usual, you must not paint a bucket or a box. If the icon is usual, then visitors can easily find it.
❖    It is unlikely than visitor shopping online the first time, therefore it is good to consider unwritten law of putting the icon in upright corner.
❖    You can change the icon depending on full or empty shopping basket.

Emerging block

❖    It is nice when list of shopping basket emerges on top of page when you put your mouse cursor over basket icon. Imagine you are in a supermarket. You can look into your shopping basket whenever you want and check total cost. It is handy, isn't it?
❖    Give the customer possibility to remove item from basket without going to respective page. Yes, exactly in the emerging block. Also give the customer possibility to change item count. When you do this, people will love you.
❖    Total cost must change immediately, if the item is removed or item's count is changed.

Clearness of action

❖    Let the customer know any way you can that the item is added to the shopping basket. You can show how item "falls" into the basket or change icon's color or text on the icon.

What options shopping basket must have

❖    There must be a possibility to go from basket to product's page. Everything must be easy – click on items name and open the item's page.
❖    Sum total must be shown in the shopping basket. Shipping, bonuses and all other must be included.
❖    There must be possibility to change count of items.
❖    Items must have pictures.

At the end we are asking to think how your shopping basket will look in tablets and smartphones. Expenses will pay off because your customers will be grateful.