How successful is your webpage

That is happened! Your webpage is ready. Developers clink tea cups, put your site to hosting place and open it for browsing.

Do not look to your site as a piece of indescribable beauty in this moment. It is not possible to give your webpage an objective appraisal, because it is not doing all the prescribed tasks. But you can assess it's usability, order and visual appearance.


There are discussions about design's influence on conversion. Practice shows that:

- the most successful design is one which is well perceived by target audience;

- it is not good to choose classic fonts. Use those, which audience catches well. No Times New Roman;

- forget about stock photos without individuality.


You must evaluate your site from a user's perspective, which is searching for specific information. If he can find it easy, with a few clicks, then evaluation is successful.

How to assess? Take a group from target audience and give them a task to to something specific in your webpage.

You can use "grandmother test" also. Show your page to your grandmother and discuss what she likes and does not like, what was easy.

Style and errors in text

Text is the second way to give information (the first one is pictures). You must assess its readability and ask yourself: does it encourage people to do what your page is intended to?

Adaptive layout

If it is not designed well enough, then your site can be rendered incorrectly and not doing its job, therefore customers shrug their shoulders and go away.


This is quite complicated question. To say it short, your site must be adapted for searching phrases, so search engines will show it in their results.

It can be described every criteria in more detail. While your webpage builds up its strength, it is enough for it to do its job and to correspond to what target audience and customer wants.

Good luck opening your site!