Myths about development of web site

It is possible that you know – development of a web site is not a easy task. It is very complex, therefore there are many myths about it. Let's dissipate some of them.

First myth. We can do it ourselves. In web constructor

You can. And site will look very good. It is possible. But, if you look further, then you will see that such a site cannot be optimized to get in top positions in search results. This means that you will buy advertising all the time to make the site profitable.

Besides owners of the web constructor can show an unexpected advertisement in your site.

Second myth. Site is not working without full functionality

This is not mandatory. The site can do it's job even with minimal functions. You can add function later. At the beginning of the project you must agree on what you want from the site, what it must do and which functions can be added later.

Third myth. Attractive site has big traffic

Good design is important, but number of visits and conversion does not depend on it. Sometimes people are thinking that design is enough. Original content is necessary also, as well as SEO, domain name and other factors.

Forth myth. You can take rest after site is ready

The site is developed; content is put in and is very good. But you will make a mistake if you will abandon the site. You must work on it constantly, because development of the web site is the beginning of the project.

What must you do next?

– You must put in a new content, change it, optimize the site all the time.

– You must care about security of the web site to avoid hacker's attacks.

Team3 crew is hoping indeed that these recommendations help beginners to make their projects profitable and successful. See you in the next articles!