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Play by the rules of e-commerce in 2022

COVID-19 got a strong driving force in e-commerce – trade in the internet has grown fast in two years. Pandemic is pressed people to limit visiting of stores, therefore demand of product's delivery is increased. Many businessmen started to serve their clients distantly.

We slowly accustom to buy in the internet.

➡ No wonder that one of e-commerce trends in 2022 is process organization, so the work is done as fast as possible.

Are there more trends? Yes, for example, talking assistants.

➡ Apple has made Siri, Yandex has made Alisa, Google Home is replacing call centers. They all work as personal sales assistants, they accompany consumer to the purchase, consult him, remember him about abandoned purchases, do polls and collects answers.

➡ Mobile commerce is growing also. Buyers trust the online sales process. It is much easier to buy using smartphone or tablet, because they are nearby all the time. When using mobile devices, comfort is very important.

➡ Such trend of e-commerce as omnichannel means that purchases are done everywhere. The path to the purchase can begin in search, continue with paid content, social networks, online store, brick-and-mortar store and so on. Besides it is important, that channels are synchronized.

➡ Persona approach stays significant then and now. This way loyal attitude is made to the brand. Online recommendations what products to choose are needed in e-commerce as well as user manuals, master classes, instructions and answers to the client's questions.

➡ Chatbots must be noted too. They help to choose color, size and other parameters, consult, answer the questions, report the order status and pay for purchases.

At the end it is to say that these and other e-commerce trends in 2022 help people to easy buy products. User comfort is the basis of everything. Conduct of buyer depends not only from product's quality and need for ot, but also from interaction with online store: if one has difficulties to search for and find products and make order, then he leaves the online store immediately. And there are huge amount of stores to choose from.