The dark side of web design

When it's dark outside, the white screen really hurts the eyes. At such times, dark web design is perceived better. If someone is sleeping next to you and you need to use your phone, you won't wake up with bright light if you use dark mode.

It is believed that the trend of creating everything in dark colors originated in 2018. But already in the seventies and eighties computer screens had a dark background with green letters in the style of the Matrix. Or with white and yellow. Do you remember?

Dark sharp can indicate depth, authority and power. It usually looks elegant when used in the right place. Today, there are quite popular internet sites created in dark tones.

Dark web design fulfills three tasks:

1. Reduces eye strain.

2. Extends smartphone battery life.

3. Helps to perceive information more easily in low light.

A dark color design can be used for client websites, but it is not for everyone.

If you want to try your hand at working with dark design themes, then you can read our recommendations. We have compiled them based on real websites.

Tips for working with a dark design theme

1. Don't use pure black paint. Practice shows that it is better to use shades of gray. Too much contrast has a negative impact on the user experience.

2. Do not use juicy colors. They look good on a light background, but reduce legibility on a dark one. Use light colors and see how they look on different screens.

3. Check the contrast and content display. It is important to find a balance between element and background colors. Everything must be tested so that there are no gaps.

4. Give users control. It is good if you inform them inconspicuously about the possibility to change the display style in the settings.

Dark themes help the target audience see the product in a different light. However, it is not easy to develop the perfect color combination without experience. You have to know the nuances and spend a lot of time testing.

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