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The most successful sellers in e-commerce

Concept "e-commerce" includes all services and internet sites, which accept online payments. Most part of them is online stores, where one can use electronic payments.

First purchase online was made by American Fil Branderberger in 1994. He ordered online the new album of Sting "Ten Summoners’ Tales" and paid $12,48 for it (not including delivery) using his Mastercard. Later Amazon and Alibaba came in the market and stayed pioneers and monopolists.

Now these and other e-commerce companies are source of inspiration, model and excellent example that impossible is possible.

    1. Amazon

Founder of this company is Jef Bezos in 1994. It was a book shop at the beginning.

Now Amazon is the largest online wholesaler in USA and one of the largest worldwide. Company has a huge network of warehouses and distribution centers as well as its own delivery service, which uses drones and robots and bought an airplane in 2020.

    2. Alibaba

Company has its own payment system Alipay, which works worldwide.

The operation model of Alibaba is like model of eBay. Alibaba act as aggregator, where sellers are individuals, stores or manufacturers, who deliver products to customers themselves.

    3. eBay

Company "eBay" is opened in 1995 as online auction service. People sold in auction their products, and buyers did make bids. Later on commercial accounts showed up for individual businessmen and stores, and one got the possibility to buy for fixed price.

Nowadays eBay is an online aggregator, where one can find rate items and valuable antiquities.

    4. ASOS

This company is founded in 2000, and its name means "As Seen On Screen". This British trade place operation model is like Amazon. Clothes of mass brands, shoes and accessories are found there. They added cosmetics recently.

What's next? E-commerce market continues to grow. Stores are trying to make purchase process not only quick as possible, but also exciting.