Web design interface psychology

If you are specializing in web design, then you must know how to make interface that attracts customers in a few seconds.

The main criterion of any internet design project is ease to use. If people spend much time in the web site or use application for long time, come again and again and use it actively, then everything is done correctly.

Every web designer must be a psychologist a little bit. Of course, fonts, animation, content and user experience is important, but psychological methods attract better.

Let's discuss three affective methods, which can use both web designers and businessmen to improve relationships with online audience.

Isolation effect

People remember objects which stand out in contrast to others. Let's imagine a table with 12 blue pencils on it, and one red pencil. Which one will catch your eye?

It is a quality of brain. People mentally isolate identical objects and mark out different ones. This method works well in interface where one needs to mark out one element or offer.

Dazzling eyes

If menu has 30 different desserts, then client will examine the menu for long time because he will have difficulties with selection/

It is hard to choose if there are many options. If they are only a few, then it is easy to choose what you need. Businesses save money and clients that way.

Last items

People are afraid to miss out what they need and what is important to them. Scarcity makes urge to buy while items are not sold out.

Methods to make scarcity:

    • Indication in product page: "N items left."

    • For example, mention in hotel booking system: "N more people are watching this room."

    • Put limited amount of places in online and offline activities.

Marketing people have thought out much more methods, for example, social proof, gamification, etc. We will tell you about psychology of colors in another article, but now we offer to practice the methods described here.