What does web page cost

What does loaf of bread cost? You probably will answer without thinking.

But what does a web site cost? You will shrug your shoulders. We too.

No, there are no secret, simply estimated cost depends on many factors. We will explain these factors, which makes cost of your web page, so you can get a clear picture.

Count of specialists and their working time

Our specialists are designing the web page, and their main tools are skills, talent and diligence.


First of all they are domain name and hosting or place where your web site will run. All other things depend on desires of customer. It is possible to create web page with paid or free tools – it depends on task and budget.

Conditions of work

Result is excellent only when it is comfortable for the worker to do his job. There must be a suitable workplace: good computer, fast internet and much more.


Yes, it is added to the price also. Internet site building company does not cheat for sure because reputation is important. All the work is done officially and clearly. Company also takes responsibility for data security because it must do so according to law. Specialists need access to your hosting, Google and other accounts, and this information is not allowed to fall in somebody's hands.

Goals, content and design of web site

It is necessary to know in detail the purpose of web page in order to choose suitable type. Portal, business card site and online store have different functionality. Dependent on type modules are chosen, for example, photo gallery, product catalog, shopping basket, feedback form, etc. After that design building is started. Design may be typical or individual. Then content must be put in. You can do it yourself or let specialists take care of it.

Today almost everyone has a web page. With its help you can attract people, arouse interest about your products and give possibility to order them.

We hope that we have explained well how web site building costs are made. Our friendly team is making internet sites since 2009 and is always ready to help you.