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What is a server and what is it eaten with

Such a familiar word "server".

What is it? uh…

First, it is a supercomputer. Such, special, for the solution of certain tasks. It can just store information. It can store and process user databases, serve as a platform for multiplayer games, conduct computational processes, and much more.

The servers host sites, game resources, video hosting, music sites, online radio and other resources. Of course, a simple personal computer will not handle such tasks, so the server must be powerful, like Hercules.

Have you ever wondered where Google stores so many videos/photos from millions of users? Of course, on cool servers designed for this, which will be able to process all this information and provide access to users at any time.

They look like fantastic supercomputers – huge, massive. And they live in special rooms – server rooms. It is not necessary for the server to install a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and so on. It is enough to install and configure it, after which it will work and perform its tasks.

Now you know exactly what this term means. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this. Every large Internet resource has servers to ensure the operation and functioning of systems.

In conclusion, let's talk about a fun fact about servers.

The first two Yandex servers stood under the feet of the first system administrator. The third server did not fit under his feet, it had to move. In 2000, Yandex built its first own server room, and since then all servers have been located in their own data centers.